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Theology Free-for-all
In an attempt to keep the Bible study threads from getting bogged down, here's a thread for the discussion of absolutely anything, any debate, any idea, any question (or statement) about the Bible.
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Ok I'll play.

I see the Bible as the story of the development of human morality.

From the wrathful, vengeful God of the Old Testament to the loving caring God willing to sacrifice himself via his son in the New Testament. Through this evolutionary process every individual becomes sacred because they are all made in God's image. The value of every individual is something most people take for granted today. But it was not the default position in ancient times or even in many  societies today. The idea was revolutionary and its hard to deny the positive impact it has had on all of our lives whether you believe in God or not.

I always had a hard time understanding the concept of God sacrificing his son and why it was necessary. I think when you put it in the context of the times where animal and sometimes even human sacrifice still took place it makes sense. The need for sacrifices to God ended when God effectively sacrificed himself for us. It made God more accessible. And that was also revolutionary.

I also think the Bible was written by men trying to describe the indescribable through the lens of what they knew at the time. Its not intended to be a factual, historical account but still contains much great wisdom.

That's a lot of theology packed into a handful of words! There are several points in there that I want to interact with vg. I'll have to get to the first one after I get some work done. I'll be back.

I am soooooo busy with everything I really just don't have the time to read into these just yet... but  I just wanted to leave a comment and state that I think this is a cool idea, and I support it. 

I will eventually find time to read through all of this and give a well thought out response.


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