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GAME 10: DAL (6-4) @ CHA (6-6) | 104-93 win
(01-13-2021, 09:15 PM)Scott41theMavs Wrote: Green leads the team in +/-, +17.

Lol, Burke went 2-12 and is +13!

Nate Hinton gets the Dirkie imho.

[Image: Mavs-Bench-Gave-Luka-Doncic-a-Thumbs-Dow...3-2021.gif]
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(01-13-2021, 08:56 PM)Scott41theMavs Wrote: Still believe we should have drafted S. Bey or Achiuwa, but it's good to see our rook play hard and competently.

Also Maxey who the 76ers already think so much of that they were hesitant to include him in a Harden trade.


Oh I see now...
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I’m not saying none of those guys are better than Green. Maybe all of them are. But other than Precious (maybe, if he’d gotten a chance ahead of WCS somehow) none of them would have played here before the COVID outbreak, either.

[Image: 2021-01-14_110255.jpg]
This win- KP back, Luka all around game (with 3s falling), Josh Green's good game, WCS, Iwundu hustle, etc, etc..
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(01-13-2021, 10:05 PM)BolsDamols Wrote: [Image: 2021-01-14_110255.jpg]
This win- KP back, Luka all around game (with 3s falling), Josh Green's good game, WCS, Iwundu hustle, etc, etc..

...not to mention 5 of our top 11 players out. While we might criticize some of the Mavs' team building work this summer, this is a very deep team.
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Great game by Green. He was the one player with a motor and energy who could match the Hornets' young guys like Bridges and PJ Washington this time. 

This season is basically a freebie for the rookies. Because of the Covid threat and the unique season, there won't be an opportunity to go to the G-League either.

(01-13-2021, 09:00 PM)Mavs2019 Wrote: Really nice game from Green, but I´m worried about his low and slow 3 pt release. They might have a lot of work to do there.

Im really worried about this pick. He showed a bit today, he can play D. For now this is fine. Ultimately, you need to produce on offense, I have yet to see any offensive skills and confidence. Ideally in the draft you find the future stars. Average players or even good players, you can find those in FA every offseason. The stars usually you need to find in draft or pay a lot for in trades.

He was better than last game, that is an improvement worth noting. I still think as before the draft we should have went all in on especiallyy Haliburton, and also S.Bey, Bane.

(01-14-2021, 01:32 AM)burekemde Wrote: I still think as before the draft we should have went all in on especiallyy Haliburton

They tried.

(01-14-2021, 01:32 AM)burekemde Wrote: and also S.Bey, Bane

These are a perfect examples of rotations players, that will never be stars.
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Why can't we, for once, just appreciate what we have?

I know I'm riding the Josh Green train since I've registered on this forum, but give the rook some credit. He was great today, he has shown some realy nice flashes. One part of his game that was overlooked in the predraft process was his passing, and he has shown he can move the ball, and it's a great skill for a 3&D player. His offense, finishing and shot will eventually come around, because he has some realy nice feeling for the game. All in all I think that he can end up being an elite roleplayer and a great fit with Luka and KP.
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Luka having fun with the man bun twins.
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Looks like Luka is still favoring that ankle a bit. I wonder how long that will hang around this season.

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