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MAVS NEWS: JRich, DFS, Maxi, DP out | JB back for TOR
[Image: EoAh0rVXEAkEdAz?format=jpg&name=large]

[Image: En8ex2QW8AAdiQx?format=jpg&name=large]
[Image: https%3A%2F%2Fimages.saymedia-content.co...025-pm.png]

Are we going to get the traditional introductory press conference for the new guys? Probably not, because of everything in the world being awful, right? Still, hopefully they'll do something.

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I'm curious to see how many Mav fans thought JRich wouldn't start...
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14x All-Star, 12x all-NBA, 1x MVP, 1x Finals MVP, 1 NBA Championship: Dirk Nowitzki, the man, the myth, the legend.




(11-30-2020, 04:42 PM)Kammrath Wrote:
I’m curious if a team ever tries to go cheap on this, or if it basically a guarantee they get 120% to start the relationship off positive.

[Image: EoFakAkXYAU9mkN?format=jpg&name=large]

(11-30-2020, 02:27 PM)SleepingHero Wrote: I'm curious to see how many Mav fans thought JRich wouldn't start...

As far as I know, it was just @burekemde.
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Quote:The Mavs learned the right lesson from the Lakers’ championship run. As big as Los Angeles was up front last season, its defensive dominance began with its size on the perimeter. The Lakers didn’t start anyone shorter than 6-foot-5 in the playoffs. They shrunk the court with waves of long and athletic defenders around their two stars. Dallas now has the same kind of roster after some smart offseason moves.

Quote:As sacrilegious as it sounds, Doncic can be as dominant offensively as LeBron. And now the Mavs have the players to surround him with a great defense. They have gone from just a fun team to a legitimate contender.

Quote:Richardson’s skill set, in contrast, might as well have been invented in a lab to complement the Mavs’ MVP candidate. After struggling on a 76ers roster that didn’t make sense, he should look more like the elite role player he was with the Heat two seasons ago.

Richardson and Doncic are a near perfect pairing. At 6-foot-5 and 200 pounds with a 6-foot-10 wingspan, Richardson has the physical tools to defend players at all three perimeter positions. He gives the Mavs someone who can protect Doncic by hounding opposing point guards like Damian Lillard and Steph Curry. And playing with a point forward like Doncic will allow Richardson to match up with smaller players on defense without having to carry the burden of running the offense.

The limitations in Richardson’s offensive game were exposed in Philadelphia. That will not be an issue in Dallas. No guard will ever be asked to do too much on offense next to Doncic, arguably the most ball-dominant player in the league. He’s a one-man offense who only needs his teammates to knock down open shots and attack closeouts. That’s the ideal role for Richardson, who shot 36 percent from 3 on five attempts per game and averaged almost twice as many assists (3.3) as turnovers (1.7) over the last three seasons. He has just the right amount of offensive creativity to excel next to Doncic—enough so that the defense can’t ignore him, but not enough to be unhappy and want more responsibility.

Quote:Doncic isn’t the only Mavs player who should be better next to Richardson. Tim Hardaway Jr. was a surprisingly effective 3-and-D guard last season, but was pushed beyond his limits on defense. Now he returns to a more natural defensive role on the wing behind Richardson and Dorian Finney-Smith, who is coming off a breakout season. That interchangeable perimeter group is better than the sum of its parts. Hardaway is the best shooter and worst defender of the bunch, while Finney-Smith is the worst shooter and most versatile defender. Richardson fits comfortably between them in both categories.

Quote:The Lakers realized that JaVale McGee and Dwight Howard weren’t essential to their success. They were better when they benched their traditional centers and put more versatile defenders around Davis, who could switch on the perimeter and guard past the 3-point line. That’s how they won their series against the Rockets and Heat. The Mavs can do the same thing with Porzingis, allowing him to stay in the paint and protect the rim, while trusting him to handle bigger assignments like Nikola Jokic.

Quote:The philosophical adjustment the Mavs have made this season is emphasizing defensive versatility around Doncic instead of 3-point shooting. That’s what the Richardson-for-Curry swap represents. Dallas will not space the floor quite as well, but it can afford to shave a few points off its offensive rating if it means boosting its defensive respectability. Balance is crucial when building around an offensive-minded star. It’s no coincidence that Houston’s two trips to the Western Conference finals with Harden came in their only two seasons with a top-10 defense.

Quote:Dallas’s new approach also extended to the draft. Josh Green, a freshman wing from Arizona it took at no. 18 overall, is the same type of player as Richardson. He’s a tenacious defender with the size (6-foot-6 and 210 pounds with a 6-foot-10 wingspan) and athleticism to defend multiple positions, the basketball IQ to move the ball in a secondary role, and a respectable enough shot (36.1 percent from 3 in college, 78 percent from the free throw line) to be an off-ball threat. Green probably won’t play much as a rookie, but could develop into a solid complement for Doncic. The Mavs also took interesting flyers in Stanford combo guard Tyrell Terry (no. 31), Colorado forward Tyler Bey (no. 36), and Houston wing Nate Hinton (two-way contract). Hitting on at least one will be important; their cheap salaries will allow Dallas to fill out a rotation around multiple players on max contracts.

Quote:But the beauty of what Dallas has done is that they don’t need Giannis. The franchise isn’t all in on that scenario. Doncic could dethrone the reigning two-time MVP and win the award himself this season. He’s the future face of the league, and all the right pieces are in place around him. Porzingis is a great second option. Richardson and Hardaway could be the third and fourth best players on an elite team. This is an organization ready to win big. Their front office has nailed move after move over the last few seasons. They have an owner (Mark Cuban) willing to spend money, and a coach (Carlisle) who can make the right adjustments in the playoffs. The scariest part for the rest of the West isn’t just what Luka could do with Giannis. It’s that the Mavs will be contenders for a long time either way.

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[Image: EoKlUA6W4AEA_oc?format=png&name=large]
[Image: EoKlUA5XUAYpSrL?format=png&name=large]



Thanks for the Mavs news Kam!!
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[Image: EoKwZbfXMAMKTmT?format=jpg&name=large]

Yay, we officially signed JJ Barea...

I don't know. I have a bad feeling about this. I'm sniffing either a trade, or a really distasteful outcome. 

I'll say it again - 

Cut Hinton and make Terry two-way for JJB? Nope.
Cut Bey and make Terry two-way for JJB? The Mavs had better decide who gives them more at this point - JJB as a player, or Kammrath with a pulse.
Cut Iwundu for JJB? Typical Mav anal-expulsive horse puckey, but please nope.
Cut James Johnson for JJB? That's a lot of dead money.
Cut Green for JJB? Yowsa's. Green is, quite honestly, the Mav prospect I believe in the least of all of these (yes, including Hinton), but you don't do that with your first-round pick.
Cut Terry outright for JJB? Aw hell no.

Without a trade where we get something really nice back, JJB on roster as a player on opening day is a nightmare, because it means one of these unpalatable scenarios happened.

(12-01-2020, 01:09 PM)Scott41theMavs Wrote: The Mavs had better decide who gives them more at this point - JJB as a player, or Kammrath with a pulse.

[Image: giphy.gif]







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[Image: giphy.gif]

(12-01-2020, 01:27 PM)Kammrath Wrote: https://twitter.com/NickVanExit/status/1...2966315022

great one Smile

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