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Maxi "Glue" Kleber: Würzburg Chapter II
Just thought he deserves his own thread.
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Maxi has really improved this year. I look forward to him being a Mav for a long time.
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You know who he reminds me of on defense? One of the all-time NBA players I hate the most - D Wade. Although they play different positions, Maxi is like Wade in his ability to stay with a guy (even a guard!) driving to the basket. Of course, his blocks are less athleticism-based than Wade's, but his ability to challenge all the way to the paint and possibly block the shot resemble Wade.

About time Maximus got his own thread.
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(01-17-2020, 04:33 PM)IamDougieFresh Wrote: About time Maximus got his own thread.

A thread, and also a medal.

What an amazing team player. The ones you need to win championships. Wins so many games for us where it does not show on the stat sheet always. Our best or second best defender. Non tradable in my opinion. As soon as he is in starting lineup we keep winning. The defense looks horrible when he doesnt play much.
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Our Würzburg scout needs a raise.
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There's not much to scout here though, lol...

(02-13-2020, 05:53 PM)Davevoid Wrote: There's not much to scout here though, lol...

Fire the scout and then sign every play coming out of the W then.   Tongue


Maxi/Mavs article
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(02-14-2020, 11:49 AM)sefant Wrote:

Maxi/Mavs article

This is a very good read.

I like that he doesn't feel an agenda-based need to tear down Powell and presents a balanced view of where he helps and hurts.  He also touches on the fact that it isn't a lock that starting next to KP may or may not be Maxi's highest and best use.  Defensive numbers are good and improving.  Net numbers are bad and improving.  But Maxi as the anchor of the D (with someone else playing MKG) might work better.  

The author presents a good case for Maxi starting, but isn't so myopic that he doesn't admit Maxi as a super sub (mainly for KP) could also work.  I think you can argue that none of Brunson, Seth, Wright and Maxi are ideal fits with Luka, THJ, DFS and KP.  But, someone has to play with the starters for about six minutes in the first and 3rd quarters.  Maybe its a committee thing (situational).  Maybe it is one of those other four guys or maybe it is MKG or Lee.  Add to the mystery the idea that it may change once we get to June/July.

I've always been very high on Maxi.  I expected him to improve for several years and still think that that he has room for good improvement.  But...I thought it would be his offense that came around first.  How wrong I was.  It has been his defense that is...great.  What can I say?  He can effectively guard 1 through 5 most of the time.  This man is a player!
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Einstein 2.0. Future NBA assistant coach Cool

Maxi is basically a starter as we have been clammering for, for a while. He is on the bench because he fills KP's roll when he's off the floor. If that role gets backfilled I could see Maxi in the starting lineup.

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Thanks to @sefant for this:

Quote:Maxi was on a german podcast on the weekend for 10 minutes, and said he injured his wrist in 1st game of the bubble, and broke a small finger on the left hand in his 3rd game in the bubble. He didn't really use it as an excuse for his shooting in the playoffs, just mentioned it randomly few minutes later.

He didn't do basketball activities in germany, just working out. Resting his wrist (capulse). He said that he is back for 2.5 weeks in DAL, and some guys are already working out with him. Brunson and Co.

He also said he (they) was kinda surprised by the early december start, and the initial plan for him was going back to germany (i assume for christmas). He said he is likely gonna stay in DAL now until camp. Said its easier for him to workout in DAL at the facility.
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