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GAME 8: NYK (2-7) @ DAL (5-3) | 102-106 loss
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NY_KnicksPR (@NY_KnicksPR) Tweeted:

Mitchell Robinson suffered a concussion in last night’s game at Detroit. He will continue to be evaluated and has been ruled out for tomorrow’s game at Dallas.


538s Raptor projects Dallas to win by 14.5 pts.

let's bury these guys

come on Mavs

[Image: giphy.gif]
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Let's showcase Tingis Pingis against the Knicks.


Good old @fishsports exclusive.


Ian Begley (@IanBegley) Tweeted:

Kristaps Porzingis said in Dallas today that he has ‘nothing but love for New York and the fans.’ He said he reacted emotionally after the trade when he ‘put out some stupid Instagram stories’ and later regretted it. https://twitter.com/IanBegley/status/119...31488?s=17


This is a tricky game. 
On on side we have played well and we are big favourites,
however on the other side none of the wins were easy, 
We did not dominate in any game so far even against weak opponents. They regularly allow it to go the clutch to decide the outcome, and do not pull away when they have the chance, this is something that indicates to me that we are not as great as our record shows. I hope this changes, and they show dominance against teams with less talent. The added pressure of facing such a weak opponents in this game might easy even more difficult to get the win. It could very well be once again decided in the very last play of the game. Hope I am wrong. 

Randle will have a good game, he always does here.

Luka is 20 years old in his 2nd season and is a serious MVP candidate already... Halleluka...

Of course no game is to be taken lightly, but it doesn't get much easier than this. I hope they would be able to win while limiting Luka and KP to some 25 minutes. Game against Memphis will be much more difficult. If they think of resting KP on back to backs, I would certainly rest him on this one.

[Image: D_D_bMGWwAE3q5Y.jpg]
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After KP's comments after the Magic game and how badly he wants to have a good game, I would love it if he shows up tonight.

Let him drop 40, and then another 50 in in MSG
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Mavs got humiliated by the Knicks last year which was the low point of the season if I do recall.

I hope this lights a fire under KP. He still looks lost on offense. He is a turnover machine and doesn't ever look comfortable.

Hopefully he gets it together. He is still a good shooter and has an impact on defense.

I expect Mavs to crush the Knicks. Mavs didn't play well against the Magic.

Also speaking of Knicks I would love to get my hands on Marcus Morris at some point. He might get traded or bought out at some point.

Mavs should win this relatively easy, though Randle will be motivated playing at home.

Hell no to either Morris twin, they seem like chemistry cancers.

Hopefully no barea in this game und rc sticks to the normal rotation.
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(11-08-2019, 05:15 AM)Lennon Wrote: Hopefully no barea in this game und rc sticks to the normal rotation.

Yeah I'm pretty open to everything else but both Wright and Curry need at least 25 minutes 
Hell I'd play Wright 30+ minutes every night. He's been our 2nd most impactful player so far.
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  • Kammrath

Should be a blowout if they don't manage their resources because it is a back to back. 

If they are smart they come out guns blazing in the first half and then manage the rest of the game.

This game is a test in how they play a truely bad team. Hopefully they do not play down to the competition.

Mey keys:

  • Protect home court: Mavs team has been better on the road than at home, which is unusual for a young team. Sure some is quality of opponents, but they've also yet to beat Vegas, which means they have underperformed. Once more huge fav against a bad team. Would be nice if we didn't have to sweat this one out.
  • DSJ is back: He is with the team, but won't likely play. Still interesting to see what the reception will look like. Imho most fans do wish him well in NY.
  • Don't let the Kristaps narrative take over: Yes it's technically KP's "revenge" game, but the Mavs should not make this game about him vs. his old team. Just play the right way and you'll win. Otherwise it might get ugly, which will only help the Knicks.
  • Match their intensity early on: NY has some weirdos on the team and they might think they have to prove something against KP for their fans at home. Have to be ready.
  • Randle is having a putrid season, which probably means he'll kill us inside. Him and Morris are gunning for their own shots on a bad team, and you should just let them do that (given solid defense).
  • Backcourt is the one to watch out for. Barrett has played a decent season so far and is especially lethal driving to the bucket. Frankie Smokes has also been playing well in DSJ's absence, but is only a defensive stopper. Still those two can cause some pain on both sides of the floor.
  • Not sure what to highlight for the Mavs honestly. Playing solid should result in a sizeable win. With Robinson out we should even be able to control the boards comfortably.
  • Maybe one thing: Taking care of the ball. Orlando was able to pull away early because Mavs threw away the rock left and right. Don't give a bad team any hope by making stupid mistakes.
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good stuff j0Shi!

(11-08-2019, 09:50 AM)j0Shi Wrote: Mey keys

Good stuff. The key is start with high intensitiy and concentration and you might be able to sort things out in 2 to 3 quarters and let reserves do the rest. Don't repeat the Cleveland game. Don't let the underdog think they can win it, because they might start flying all over the court. Show them their place and they will settle for some individual stats without playing D.


Luka is 20 years old in his 2nd season and is a serious MVP candidate already... Halleluka...

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GAME 8: NYK (2-7) @ DAL (5-3) | 102-106 loss00