Poll: The President should be impeached and removed from office.
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Yes or No

No. I mean, I don't even like they guy, but it's pretty obvious that the impeachment isn't about upholding the sanctity of the office. It's a political card that they're holding at the moment and intend to play closer to the election to try to impact the election. I wouldn't support that. 

I would have supported impeachment of a president who lead a spying, theft, kidnapping conspiracy against the opposing party or a president who committed a adultery in the White House by seducing a young White House intern.

What about using taxpayer dollars to extort a foreign power, for purposes of influencing an election?

So I had to go read up on Ukraine. I guess I too often live under a rock.

Well, if a U.S. President withholds congress approved military aid to coerce a foreign nation to find (or invent) information to influence a U.S. election, then yes, I'd support impeachment.

Man, after reading all that I gotta go take a bath. All of the political and business relationships between U.S. politicians and foreign governments and businesses is just mind blowing. My mistrust of the government has been pretty high for a long time now, and I'm typically not interested in staying abreast of the muck, so spending an hour reading that stuff makes me sick, and makes me wonder how we could ever have a non-corrupt national government going forward. What a mess.


Interesting 50/50 split at the moment. 

Wonder how this will change with public testimony expected over the coming weeks.

There seems to be textbook evidence of a quid pro quo with corrupt intent and abuse of power. 

We shall see. 

Seems the best defense is "The process hasn't been fair!" or "Yeah, he probably did it. But so what?" 

We shall see if pubic sentiment agrees.

I'm actually a bit baffled that this is the most serious charge they could come up with after 3 years. 
So Trump threatened to withhold aid if certain conditions weren't met, those conditions were never met, and the aid was released anyway?
And there seems to be real questions on who knew of the threat and whether the threat ever really existed. 

They would have been better off just running with the Stormy Daniels stuff. Solid chance Trump will end up pleading guilty to a campaign fund violation for that after he's out of office and will end up paying a fine


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